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The perfect task manager

Finding a perfect task manager is quite difficult, among tested, I meet many very good but in English, although it is not a limitation for some, it is for other.

I'm not talking about project managers, not, but of those applications on the web (or data in the cloud) allowing a simple way to manage small projects as task lists with the ability to easily manage and your time spent on one subject or another.

I worked a long time with Basecamp, but for about a year I started to use Teambox and I stay with him decidedly, meets most of my requirements and to comply with missing seem to be to be fulfilled. At another time I was testing alongside other product that has much to do with the topic, although I see more as framed in the area of ​​internal social networks for businesses, in which there is a section for projects or tasks. I mean Zyncro and to Toolea. Toolea is now evolving, to appear with version 3.

Looking, looking, I found a desktop application (that stores data in the cloud) and I think very special. See Trata the Billings Pro.

What makes it special Billings Pro?

  • Client Manager
  • Project Manager / advanced tasks
  • Emission budgets
  • Invoicing
  • Cash management and payments

One problem is the language, if you do not master English no translation for the Spanish. Another major problem, Only that you are for MAC OS X… A pity because the Windows or Linux users can not use.

From what I have read in the blog of TeamBox, seems to be falling a new version with CRM and billing possibilities. To see how it works and if the new functionality is free will have to wait.

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