Information Technology

Technology Partners

Our technology partners can cover areas such as strategic and operational support for companies, the development of specialized virtual stores and the installation and repair of equipment.

Strategic and operational support to companies

In POLINOMI MEDIA will provide strategic and operational support to businesses in adapting to the new situation in which markets develop, defined by the incorporation of Information Technology and Communication (TICs) and channels for communication on-line, the "social media". The markets are conversations, and we help companies to promote and consolidate its presence in these conversations.


Specialized virtual stores

In Vox66 offer a complete e-commerce solution and specialized, with advanced controls for products, your photos, their descriptions. It has an internal ERP CRM and billing capacity, news mailings, etc…

web vox66

Installation and repair

They are specialized in repairing printers, laptops and PCs, as well as facilities.